What should I do if I’m not well prepared at 11th for the JEE examination, or should I crack the JEE Mains within 1 year?

SEE, let me clear up the things to you, JEE MAINS paper contains 90 questions, for cracking JEE mains , all you have to do 25 questions, I’m considering cut-off 100, for safer side.

Now let’s make calculations, for JEE MAINS we have around 9 months from now, just think, all you have to do around 25 questions for clearing the cut-off, but our aim should be bigger, so, considering you want to end up in a decent NIT, all you have to do , 50 questions.

50 Questions=9 Months=270 Days

Do you think it’s a big deal, to prepare for one question On a average in 5 days. No it’s not a big deal.

So let me tell you know, how to prepare for this, first of all, as you said , your 11th is not that good, so everyday give atleast 90 minutes to topics of 11th which you think you gonna need to understand the topic of 12th, just do this from now, for straight one month. Like clear up the things of co-ordinate geometry of 11th. Co-ordinate is very important.

Now, Boom as per the end of this month, by giving around 45 hours, you have cleared the basics of 11th.

Now from, next month all you have to do focus on 12th. Let me tell you, JEE mains mostly part come from 12th.

Solve as much questions, as you can.

Don’t take too much stress for board, it gonna well, if you study well, NCERT.

Remember your target is JEE mains, stay focused, don’t party, used your cell phone for study purpose only, stay from friends, girl friends, anything that give you any diversion.

Study as much as you can.

Trust me you gonna make it!

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