To The Innocence Lost And Memories Gain

As you grow up,you suddenly tend to realize how sorted your life was,as a kid or may be as a pre-teen. Growing up didn’t bother you then as it does now. Life was simpler and you didn’t need to worry about it taking a toll on you. You had a world which was undoubtedly more fascinating than what it is now.
From ‘katti’ to ‘ bhag’, to being regular to school under the pretext of meeting your crush,running on the playground like crazy during the breaks,satisfying your forever-hungry soul even before the break begins,dozing off when the teacher bores you with some uninteresting chapter,scribbling nonsense stuff in your friend’s notebook,playing tic-tac-toe when the teacher isn’t watching,using chalks to make your not-so-white keds look white enough,waiting for the P.T and library classes cause they were the only escape from boredom. The little moments in which we probably lived the most and smiled the brightest smiles.
Fortunately, Whatsapp and Facebook were not the only places we exchanged laughters or roasted each other back then.
No matter how old you grow up or how successful you become,there’s always gonna be that one part of you which still craves to go back to the good old days, just to relive the best moments of life once again. Just to be with those idiots who made your school-life worth happening,cause no matter how great a status you achieve later in life, happiness still dates back to the place where it all started. As for people like me,it’s always the same old place where I  made thousands of  memories and some amazing friends- *SCHOOL* *The place which keeps me indebted even today. Such is the aura of school friends. College and career may end up splitting you apart,but  somehow,somewhere deep within,the love still remains constant*
Kudos to the *FIFTEEN* best years of our life.

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