Should we prefer MBBS from Abroad?

Since it’s one of the most controversial question, so i’m going to talk about it in brief. It’s completely my opinion which may differs from yours.

Hello students, welcome to our portal. I’m going to explain you, why would you prefer MBBS from ,foreign if you’re not getting any good government college in India.

First of all it’s a dream of ever medical aspirant to get a seat in government medical colleges. But the number of seats in government medical colleges are very low as compared to number of applicants. So it’s practically impossible that everyone gets a seat in government medical colleges. There are approx 35000 seats in government medical colleges and on the other hand number of candidates is around 1.5 million, which keep on increasing every year. So it’s very clear that a huge number of students who wants to be a medico and have talent are deprived from their dream. If we have to talk about private medical colleges, then it’s all about money game. Their fee may range from 60 lacs to 1.25 crore, which is very expensive for any medical class family.

But there you have an option, which can fulfill your dream and it is persue your MBBS from foreign countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines etc.

There are lots of benefits of abroad universities, such as;

1. Low Medical Fee
2. Highly Sustainable Enviroment
3. Indian Food
4. Homely Enviroment

If we compare the fee structure of private medical colleges of India and abroad medical colleges then, we clearly acknowledge that, there is massive difference between both of them. If you want to get admitted in colleges of abroad for MBBS, all you have to pay a fee around 25 lacs to 40 lacs, including your accommodation as well as health insurance.

Now you’re clear with all the pros as well as cons of getting admission in foreign medical colleges.

If you’re willing to take admission in abroad colleges, then you have options like China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.

If you’re willing to take admission in Russia, then you have to do some research about your universities. There are three type of universities in Russia:

1. Fully English medium throughout the course
2. Three Years of course in English and rest of Three years in Russian language
3. Only Russian language

So make sure you’re getting seat in fully English medium college.

After completing your degree from abroad you have to pass the NEXT exam(earlier known as MCI Screening Test FMCG) which is implemented FROM 2019. Once you pass this exam, you’ll get permission to practice in India. Please note that  NEXT is not competitive exam. All you have to score 127 marks out of 300. Once you clear this exam, you’ll get equal salary and opportunities in India as compare to Government and private colleges students of India.

If you’re studying MBBS from European countries, then you’ll get additional benefit. You’re free to practice in any European countries without any restrictions. If you’re willing to practice in U.S.A. or any other countries, then you have to pass their respective entrances.

So, it’s very clear that MBBS from abroad or India treated equally, all you need Passion and Dedication.

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