Mistakes You Should Avoid In Engineering Life

What are the mistakes that should not done by freshers in engineering college life?

Along with the things not do during engineering life, I will also try to mention some things which change after the engineering life.

Don’t Smoke – No, never, don’t even for the sake of trying. Curiosity becomes the habit and this habit doesn’t go off easily.

Certification doesn’t help- Don’t run after the certificates with fancy names, like some workshop certification from some IIT. The certificates have no value unless the course/workshop has actually imparted some knowledge on you. Trust me, recruiters don’t give a damn on fancy certificates.

Reduce Friends, not the whole college remain your friends – I know that during your first year and second year, the whole batch appears as your gang. In late years, it seems that you know the whole college. However, things change drastically once you are out of the college. You find that there are actually very few people for whom you care or the ones who care for you.

Get hold on some skill  – Learn some skills which are not being taught in your curriculum (or not covered effectively). Go for the additional language courses, CAD, advanced embedded system etc. and get a good hold on such skills.

Don’t hold grudges – For any silly or serious things happened during college days, don’t hold grudges. After years, you will only laugh at such incidents. Time changes everything.

Subject knowledge matters – Whatever your stream is and in whichever domain you are planning to go, your core subject’s knowledge matters.

Start hitting the gym – Yes, you heard it right. Start hitting the gym right away. This is the best time to get in shape and this habit will help you be focused even during the corporate life. Starting working out once you are employed can be tricky and most people give up very easily. But if you are a fitness enthusiast from your college days, most likely you will maintain this good habit even after the college.

Life won’t be the same  – Engineering lifestyle is addictive, don’t get addicted to this lifestyle. Playing computer games, staying up late, fucked up food habits and ruined schedule, all this seems cool only when you are in college. Later, such habits become tough to deal with. I still have problems with my sleep schedule and my eating schedule is also screwed.

Play atleast one game – Pick a game (outdoor), start playing it, be a fan. I don’t follow any game in particular and sometimes it is really awkward. Especially, when you are outing with friends/colleague/team and you do not want to engage in any game activity because you play none.

Do not wait to work on your idea – If you have any idea, do not wait for the time after college. Start working on your idea right away. Indian Patent system is cheap, get your idea protected. There are many online platforms which support ideas and fund it. Don’t discuss your idea with anyone unless you are going to make them your future business partners.

Don’t drink cheap liquor – Do not drink cheap liquor. DO not drink alone. Do not drink with unknown people. Most importantly do not make alcohol and cigarette your favorite combination.

Never drink with strangers  – I know that when you are in college you feel like you are ready to party anywhere or with anyone. But you never know what bad a single bottle of beer can do sometimes. Been there, experienced that. Always try to have fun with your trust ones.

You don’t need to gossip about your girl with your friends  – I know that Bollywood films taught you that you have to share everything with your friends, including your private talks with your girl, otherwise you are not that “pakka wala friends”. No, don’t do this. Your girlfriend has a different bonding with you and your friends have different. Balance them separately. Do not make the talks of your girl as a topic of gossip among your friends.

Don’t go mad after the girls  – You will get to talk to your college crush after the college. That’s the universal truth after engineering life J People talk to girls from their college more after completing the college. However, if you seriously like someone, do not hesitate to speak. Sometimes, not speaking at right time can be painful.

Do not go for monetary benefits – If not required, do not indulge in small-scale jobs to earn some extra bucks. Trust me you have to work for all your whole life. You can indeed join some improvement courses or coding schools (not for certifications but knowledge). Work time will come, but college time is to build yourself. You can give a couple of tuitions if you really need some quick money. You get to learn many things while tutoring someone.

Watch as many English movies as possible  -Try to watch movies without subtitles. Watch movies based on medieval times. It will help you a lot and you will soon start noticing the changes.

Do not trust cloud storage blindly  – Do not save anything confidential/personal in cloud drives, email or other internet based solutions. Your encrypted hard drives are the safest places. I am writing this on behalf of my personal experience.

Don’t lose hope if you have landed up in some tier-3 college – You can still have the best life and a lucrative career, you just need to put some extra efforts and more clear approach towards your goal.

Take future decision wisely – Don’t go for the higher education just for the sake of it or just because your friends are doing the same. Clear your thoughts before going for M.tech, M.S, or MBA. I know many of my friends who were exactly at the same place after the master’s degree, where they were after their graduation.

Learn  to code – Learn to code in any language. No matter what engineering stream you come from, learn to program in any computer language. This will give you a different kind of confidence.

Choose friends wisely – The friends you make during your engineering education will later become the part of your life. Be careful when you are being friends with someone


At last, try to be an engineer and not to just earn a degree.

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