Alert! Those Virus Alerts Could Be A Scam Run By Fake Indian Call Centers

We often come across virus alerts on our devices warning us of possible virus infection devices that could be prone to. These Ads looks very realistic. Basically realistic enough to convince you that your system is infected. However, those alerts could, in reality, be scams running for distorting money from us.

According to a report by The New York Timesone out of five people who receive such alert messages tend to contact fake tech-support centers and six percent of the users pay for fake services.

Microsoft has found that various such fake tech support have their roots in New Delhi, the capital of India, which is also the hub of call centers. Recently, around 16 call centres were raided and around 36 people were arrested who were part of the scam duping users with fake alerts. The scammers even use fake Microsoft logo in the alerts to establish credibility.

Ajay Pal Sharma, the senior superintendent of police there, said, “The modus operandi was to send a pop-up on people’s systems using a fake Microsoft logo.” They also create such pop-ups for mobile devices as well which keep on forcing you to download the particular application or some kind of extensions.

The bogus tech support people would call their targets and pretend to be a Microsoft employee, telling them of a virus or that his or her system could have been hacked. Eventually, they ask for money ranging from $99 to $1000 to fix the problem that doesn’t exist in reality.

The scam runs on a massive level as indicated by the fact that Microsoft receives around 11,000 or more scam complaints every month.


Microsoft has been working with other tech companies such as Apple and Google along with law enforcement agencies to solve the menace that is spreading all over the world.

Whenever we see any such kind of Pop-ups which looks suspicious, We must avoid clicking on them, In order to protect or devices.

Be safe.

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