6 Things You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile

1. Keep moving, keep alert

When you hold down your left thumb as you move your character around, a running icon will pop up. Slide your thumb over the running icon and your character will be locked into sprinting mode without you having to continue holding down the button.
While you have auto sprinting on, you can grab and hold the camera/eye icon below your map and drag it around to free look without changing the direction you’re running towards. This is a good tip to help check your horizons for opposing players while making yourself a hard target to hit.

2. Looting gets more efficient

By default, you automatically pick up weapons and items in the mobile version of the game. When you find compatible gun attachments, it snaps those to your weapons cache for you. It’s a really helpful feature that eliminates hassle, especially early on in a game when you’re scrambling for supplies.

3. Take advantage of your map

In the mobile version, instead of simply placing markers on the map, you also have a dotted line directing you straight to your marker from your current location, as well as the distance you are from it. By observing your marker line while you’re still in the plane, you’ll find out when is the best time to jump to get to your desired location.
Furthermore, you’ll have to pay special attention to the mini map in the top right of the screen during regular play because it can track gun fire and approaching vehicles. With this, you are constantly alerted on upcoming dangers which will help you stay safe while you flush out your enemies.

4. Shoot with both hands

When you’re in combat, you’ll notice that you have a button to fire your weapon (represented by a bullet in a circle icon) on both the right and left side of the screen. They both serve the same function, so it’s really up to you which side you prefer. Although, chances are you will (and should) be using both because it can get pretty frantic.. Having the two buttons also makes it easier to shoot with one t hand while you aim with the other.

5. Healing’s quick and easy

Down by the lower left of the screen, right next to your weapon, you actually have a button for quick access to your healing items. This button also automatically shows you which is the most useful healing item at that time. So if you’re really low on health and you have a Med Kit, you can quickly use that; if you’ve only suffered a little damage and you want to top up on health, you can quickly whip out bandages you may have.

6. Watch out for AI Bots

Games in PUBG Mobile are populated with its fair share of bots (often dressed in red shirts). While this may kill your satisfaction in a battle royale game, it’s a good way for newer players to test their weapons and learn about the game. Just be careful about boasting your victories if you got them from defeating bots.

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