5 Best Places Worth Visiting In Kota

5) Sawan Phuhar Water Park

Also known as Aquagreen Water Park. Situated outside of  Kota in Bundi Road. It’s one of the best place to visit if you ever go to Kota. This water park is not that big, but the vibe of this place is awesome. Entry fee is around Rs 300. There is also restaurants inside this water park, but you have to pay extra if want to eat. You’ll also get a locker here to keep your wallet and cell phones. Either you have take your own clothes which you want to wear during your rides or you have to rent it here. Overall, if you’re in Kota and tired of your coaching and classes then this weekend pack your bags and visit Sawan Phuhar Water Park in this hot summer. And A a special note, if it’s your birthday then probably you gonna get a special discount.

4) Kotah Garh City Palace

With a rating of 4.1 by more than 1100 people on google, it’s one of the finest place to visit. Housed in a 13th-century palace, this museum displays weapons, armor, textiles, art, regalia & more. It’s situated in old Kota area. The museum is filled with lots of antique guns and weapons which thrills you. It has some oldest vehicle including a Rath which runs on engine. There is a place where you love echo of your own voice. There is also a shop where you can get some antiques and memorabilia which is worth purchasing. This place is truly adventurous. If you want to visit old Rajasthan and know the values, then must visit there with your family and friends.

3) Jag Mandir

In the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake lies the beautiful red stone monument called Jag Mandir. It was built by one of the queens of Kota, in the year 1740. Situated nearby Keshar Bagh, this place used to serve as a pleasure palace for the erstwhile kings. Tourist can see the reflection of a palace on the shimmering lake. It’s one of the place where bollywood movie Badrinath Ki Dulhania get shooted. You’ll have a great boat ride experience as you can only go there by boating. Visit this place in night, the view is mesmerizing for eyes.

2) Seven Wonders

With a rating of 4.5 rated by more than 5000 peoples on Google reviews, Park featuring smaller versions of various world wonders, such as the Eiffel Tower & Taj Mahal. It has all the seven wonders inside it. You can visit here both at night as well as day. But if you want to click some awesome pictures in awesome night light, then visit here in night.There is also a restaurants by inside where you can eat snacks and enjoy this mesmerizing view.The cold breeze can refresh you and charge you up.

1) Garadia Mahadev Temple

It’s hidden Gem. At an altitude of around 500 feet from mean sea level, lies a gorge through which runs the river Chambal. Gigantic cliffs lie on either sides of the gorge. The winds blowing seem to be chanting the Shiv stotras in your ears to arouse the feeling of devotion in you. Garadia Mahadev Temple lies on one of the cliffs. The rituals are performed by a local priest who generally stays in the shrine till around 5:30pm. Late nights are not recommended. The place is picture perfect like a painting made by God himself. You can actually realize the bliss of solitude by sitting here for some time. The place has served many as a spot for picnic. The largest tributary of Yamuna, river Chambal is known for being the abode of many water species. Sitting on cliff you may catch a glimpse of the crocodiles, turtles etc.

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